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Oscillating tool Dremel Multi-Max Review. Disadvantages and suggestions

dremel oscillating tool

The Oscillating Tool Dremel 6300 Multi-Max is a hand held, precise tool intended for cutting, grinding, scraping, sanding and many other uses. The tool is designed by a leader in rotary tools, the Dremel company. The company is located in Racine, Wisconsin. The company's founder, Albert J. Dremel has more than 55 patents for his innovative designs. The Dremel rotary tools are known for their durability and functionality.

Over the duration of a lengthy project, tools that are not ergonomically designed or are uncomfortable to hold are known to cause frequent onset of fatigue from vibration. This particular oscillating tool is ergonomically designed to reduce the fatigue. The design of this Dremel Multi-Max tool caters to intricate and detailed work, small and tight corners, and other hard to reach locations that a bulky traditional tool cannot reach easily.

Hobbyists and other do-it-yourself enthusiasts will enjoy the benefits of the Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating tool. The oscillating tool is recommended for projects such as kitchen cabinetry or dollhouse furniture. The kit includes a 3/4 inch blade for wood projects, a saw blade for wood and drywall, a sanding pad, sand paper of varying coarseness, a storage case, and a manual.

Disadvantages of the Dremel Oscillating Tool

Air vents. Many consumers complained that the air vents were designed in the location where most would grip or hold the device. Although this may be a slight design flaw, the consumer should not cover the vents with his or her hands. This will cause the device to over heat and the motor will cease to function.

Recommended Materials. The tool is recommended only for soft woods, plastics, and drywall. It is not recommended for ferrous materials, such as cutting through nails. If the consumer desires to cut metals, the metals should be non-ferrous, such as brass, copper and aluminum.

Blade Detachment. Some have cited that the blade detached from the mechanism upon first attempt to use the Dremel oscillating tool. However, the problem was rectified by replacing the blade and tightening the blade holding mechanism. It was suggested by several readers for the manufacturer to add another locknut to rectify the issue. However, it was not a frequent occurrence.

Blade Change. Consumers that are familiar with the Fein cited that the blade changing time of the Dremel is longer than the Fein. It is slightly longer, but not unbearable.

Power Cord Length The power cord accompanying the Dremel oscillating tool is approximately 6 feet in length. Consumers have expressed a need for the cord to be longer and of a different material. The power cord is currently made of a plastic material. It is not as flexible as its higher quality rubber counterparts. Therefore, the material makes cord management more difficult when storing the device.

Dupont's Real Touch Laminate Flooring Projects. One consumer tested the device on Dupont's Real Touch Laminate Flooring. The consumer experienced intense vibration of the tool. Consequently, the blade separated from the device from the intense vibration. During the project, a 5 blade was used. The hardwood and the laminate wore the blades in a short period of time.

Tile Projects. The tool operated efficiently during the tile removal project. The consumer cited that the process was more efficient as a result. However, the Dremel oscillating tool was warm during the project and the consumer was concerned about the continued heat during extended projects.

Accompanying Tools. The Dremel Multi-Max Kit does not come equipped with a ceramic cutter designed for grout removal, nor does the non ferrous metal cutter come standard. Both must be purchased separately after purchasing the device. Therefore, if the consumer desires to own these attachments, the attachment costs should be factored into the entire cost of the device.

Miscellaneous. Consumers had other small complaints. One complaint addressed the durability of the power switch. The consumer cited that it seemed "fragile". The 3/4 inch blade is not equipped to withstand contact with concrete. The blade will be destroyed.

Advantages of the Dremel Multi-Max Tool

Light Weight, Compact and Economical. One of the major advantages of the tool is its light weight and compact design. The tool has received favorable reviews for its work in the restoration of hardwood floors both painted and stained. The tool is even equipped to remove cement residue from hardwood floors.The cost of the Dremel Multi-Max is more economical when compared to the Fein, Rockwell, Bosh. The price range is between $100 and $140 for the Dremel Multi-Max kit. The Dremel replacement blades are also more economical than its competitor, the Fein.

Minimal Dust Dispersion. The tool does not disperse a significant amount of dust in the air during cutting and sanding activity. This is a major advantage. This feature reduces the frequency of clearing the workspace due to residue. Additionally, it keeps the individual's field of vision clear during sanding and cutting activity.

Efficiency and Ergonomic Design. The tool has an ergonomic design that is suitable for time consuming projects. Large projects can be completed quickly and efficiently using the tool. Consumers have remarked that it is light weight but still feels like a hefty, quality tool. Additionally, they have noted less fatigue when using the Dremel oscillating tool. The tool is designed to complete the jobs that it states that it is designed to complete. It is noted for its smoothing mechanisms, its tooling, and shaping around hard to reach locations. Corners are easily completed with the triangular shaped tool attachment.

Great for Wood and Drywall Projects. The Dremel Multi-Max tool is recommended for use with wood and drywall. The tool is desirable for its pencil thin cutting lines. The saw blade tool works great for cutting placement holes in drywall for electrical components. Additionally, the tool cuts wood siding with ease. A consumer used the tool to cut the old sliding glass door from the frame for replacement with a new door. The Dremel oscillating tool cut through the wood siding with ease. The consumer also used the tool for window installation and for cutting through pine wood. The consumer did not report difficulty during either of these projects. Cutting the wood around the window for replacement posed no problems for the Dremel oscillating tool. The tool even worked well with rotting frames, sashes and sills. In fact, the consumer recommended the oscillating tool expressly for these types of projects. No reports of blade breakage or power issues during the project.

Scraping Tool. The scraper tool is well designed and a generous size. The oscillating tool has been used to separate glued parts and to remove beads of glue. In each instance, the tool performed up to its expectations and was cited for its ease of control. The consumer cited that the lower speed settings were more desirable in areas where more control was needed. The lower speeds enabled the consumer to control the tool to avoid misguiding and leaving unsightly gouges in the wood or other material.

Carrying Case. The carrying case is well designed and durable. The case is designed to hold the tool, its attachments, and extra blades.

Reliability. The Dremel Multi-Max is extremely reliable. The oscillating tool was used by the consumer for 16 hours over the course of 2 months without any major problems.

Customer Service. The consumer cited the experience with Dremel's customer service department to be "perfect". The experience exceeded the expectations of the consumer.


Do not cover the vents while operating the oscillating tool. The device may overheat.

To improve the cutting ability of the Dremel Multi-Max, vary the amount of pressure applied during the cutting process. Applying too much or not enough pressure will yield unfavorable results. Each individual should take some time to adjust to the oscillating tool during its initial use.

Although, the dust is minimal when compared to comparable devices, a very fine dust is still emitted into the air. The consumer should wear a mask while operating the device.


This tool is not meant to be used in place of a circular saw, a jigsaw, or a reciprocating saw. The Dremel tool is designed to use in areas where a larger tool is impractical.

One individual have used both the Fein and the Dremel oscillating tool. After testing both, he prefer the Fein tool over the Dremel oscillating tool. However, the Dremel blades are preferred over the Fein because they are cheaper and have a same quality.

At all, price is the main advantage of Dremel tool. It's cheaper than Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q for $346.55, cordless Bosch PS50-2B for $153, and Rockwell RK5102K Sonicrafter for $176.

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